Member List

Achelpohl, Crayton2005Banking / Credit Union (Active)United Community Credit Union
Ali, Zakiah1998Medicine (Exempt)Retired
Aleman, Mark2010Restaurants, Owner (Active) Tony's Too
Anastas, Terry1990Law, General Practice (Active) Mays, Walden & Anastas Attorneys
Ankrom, Reg2015Business Development (Exempt)SIMEC LLC
Arns, David2012Heating and Air Sales (Active) Aire Serv of Quincy
Bale, Todd2017Community Action (Active)United Way of Adams County
Bailey, Tom2014Banking/Mortgage Lending (Active)People's Prosperity Bank
Bareis, JR2017I.T. Consultants (Active)Tigerhawk Technologies
Barry, Dan1967Securities / Brokerage (Exempt) Merrill Lynch
Bellis, Phil1986Portrait Photographer (Exempt) Maxwell & Bellis Photographers
Bemis, Glen2016Trucking (Active)Sisbro Inc.
Bello, Pascaline2017Exchange StudentFrance
Bergman, Matt1999Higher Education: Advancement (Active) Quincy University
Birsic, Kathleen2017Nursing (Active)Blessing Hospital
Bluhm, Nancy2017Home Care (Active)Addus Home Care
Bright, Skip2016City Administration (Active)City of Quincy
Brock, Latonya2016Membership Management (Active)Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce
Brown, Travis2014Business Development (Active)Rokusek Design
Cain, Holly2009Convention / Visitor Bureau (Active)Quincy Area Convention & Visitor's Bureau
Clingingsmith, Mara2016Better Business Bureau (Active)Quincy Better Business Bureau
Colgrove, Merrie2015Vocational Rehab (Active)Illinois DHS/DRS
Crane, Tony1984Architecture (Active)Architechnics Inc.
Culbertson, Troy2017Long Term Care Administration (Active)Illinois Veterans Home
DeVaull , George1971Roofing (Exempt)Retired
Dozier, J.T.1990Insurance, Real Estate (Active)Dozier Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dowdy, Brandon2016Health Club (Active)YMCA of West Central Illinois
Eidson, Vicky2015Higher Education (Active)Quincy University
Ellerbrock, Suzanne1996Senior Move Manager (Active)Golden Bridges
Elliott, Bob1957Milk, Retail (Exempt)Retired
Elston, Pam2009Cable Media, Sales (Active)Charter Media
Farlow, Jeremy2006Real Estate / Properties (Active)Farlow Realty
Flynn, John1970Soft Drink Bottling (Exempt)Retired
Freiburg, Jack1984Insurance, General (Active)Cason Huff & Schlueter Insurance
Frericks, Rome2015Executive, Park Districts (Active)Quincy Park District
Garkie, Ken1997Banking, Group Lend (Active)Retired
Goestenkors, Ryan2007Banking / Loans (Active)First Bankers Trust Co.
Griffard, Dan2016Marketing (Active)Griffard & Associates
Groves, John1992Heavy Equipment Sales (Active)
Hagan, Warren2017Surgeon (Active)Blessing Physician Services
Helgoth, Tim2008Printing (Active)Priority One Printing & Mailing
Hendrian, Brian2009Insurance (Active)Cason, Huff & Schlueter, Inc.
Huseman, Jayne2015Construction/Project Management (Active)Blessing Health System
Inghram, Jim1979Law, Criminal (Exempt)Inghram & Inghram Law Firm
Johnson, Ted1983Painting, Contractor (Active)Johnson Painting & Decorating
Karlstrand, Quentin1997Scouting (Exempt)Retired
Keller, Jim2001Comptroller (Active)Richards Electric Motor Co.
Kempe, Rick1992Hospital Administration (Active)Blessing Corporate Services
Kennedy, Jeff2010Wealth Creation (Active)Kennedy Wealth Group
Keil, Jordan2016Insurance / Health (Active)Current Health Solutions
Klingner, Mike1985Engineering/Civil (Active)Klingner & Associates, PE
Lamison, Todd2015Executive, BSA (Active)Mississippi Council of Boy Scouts
Lamkin, Clayton2013Agriculture/Finance (Active)Prince Agri Products, Inc.
Lasys, Claudia2016Clinical Therapy (Active)Blessing Hospital
La Velle, Dean2006Marketing (Active)Vevrocity
Ley, Bob2014National Sales (Active)Western Catholic Union
Liebig, Dick1961Mineral Feeds - Retired (Exempt)Retired
Lockhart, Dave1979Family Practice Medicine (Active)Blessing Physician Services
Mahon, Chuck1982Insurance / Commercial (Exempt)Winters Insurance Group, LLP
Mallory, Troy1959Accounting (Exempt)Gray Hunter Stenn, LLP
Mann, Gene1970Public Health - (Exempt)Retired
Marcolla, Rich2000Investment Planning (Active)Merrill Lynch
Martin, Bill2017Brewery (Active)Mark Twain Brewery
Mayville, Karen2002Nursing Education (Active)Blessing-Rieman College of Nursing
McCaughey, Mike1988Insurance / Industrial (Active)Cason, Huff & Schlueter, Inc.
Meyer, Chris2016Health Care (Active)Blessing Health System
Mitchell, Del1975Law / Trial (Honorary)Schmiedeskamp, Robertson, Neu & Mitchell
Miller, Andrew2013Salvation Army (Active)Kroc Center / Salvation Army
Muehlenfeld, Mary2017Executive Director (Active)YWCA
Naught, Debbie1992Architecture (Active)Klingner & Associates, PC
Nelson, Becky2017Therapy (Active)Sunset Home
Niemann, Rich Sr.1964Groceries (Exempt)Niemann Foods, Inc.
Niemann, Ted1987Law / Corporate (Active)Schmiedeskamp, Robertson, Neu & Mitchell
Orne, Tracy2005College P.R. & Marketing (Active)John Wood Community College
Park, Brenda2013General Sales (Active)Staradio
Pfleiger, Mark2011Vocational Education (Active)Quincy Voc Tech Center
Rakers, Dave1997Banking / Commercial (Active)First Bankers Trust Co.
Reich, Bob1997Veterinary Medicine (Exempt)Animal Medical Clinics of Quincy
Rieckhoff, Gus1969Music (Active)Quincy School Music Center
Rein, Mike1994Mental Health (Active)Transitions of Western Illinois
Reis, Dave1982Computers (Active)WDM Computers
Robb, Christina2017Accounting (Active)Gray Hunter Stenn LLP
Robbearts, Emily2015(Active)Chaddock
Roberts, Rod1999Insurance / Commercial (Active)Winters Insurance Group
Robesky, Jim2016Marketing (Active)JWR Marketing
Ross, Julie2011Athletic Fundraising (Active)Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Selle, Brandon2016Medical (Active)Quincy Medical Group
Shackelford, Todd2018Children's Advocacy (Active)Advocacy Network for Children
Shaffer, Carol2016Realtor (Active)Bower & Associates Realtors
Sharkey, Jack1966Motor Freight (Exempt)Sharkey Transportation
Shepherd, Larry1993Banking / Commercial (Active)First Bankers Trust Services
Smith, Donna2016Sports / Retail (Active)Smith Brothers Powersports
Snider, Kent1997Auto Sales (Active)Ron Snider Auto Sales
Spear, Jeff1995Mortician (Active)Hansen-Spear Funeral Home
Stegeman, Kent2018Finance (Active)Western Catholic Union
Steigelman, Alan2001Higher Education (Active)Quincy University
Sturhahn, Steve1979Jewelry (Active)Sturhahn Jewelers, Inc.
St. Clair-Davis2013Long Term Care Administration (Active)Sunset Home
Terry, Jan2003Insurance (Active)Fauble Insurance Agency
Thomas, Eric2010Computing Services (Active)ETC Computerland
Valter, Shawn1993Farm Management (Active)Adams County Bureau
Wallace, Ron2017Newspapers (Active)Quincy Herald Whig
Washausen, Shaun2017Realty (Active)Century 21 Broughton Team
Waterkotte, Joyce2009Human Resouces (Active)Quincy Medical Group
Waters, Nancy2004Senior Move Manager (Active)Golden Bridges
Webb, Byron2014Banking (Active)Bank of Quincy
Webb, Roy2016Education (Active)Quincy Public Schools
Williams, Jim2006Dentistry (Active)Busby, Williams & Scholz
Wolters, Kathy1990Image Consultation (Active)With You In Mind