0.2k Beer & Brat Dash at Quincy Rotary's OktoberfestThe Rotary Club of Quincy Illinois is bringing back the 0.2k Beer & Brat Dash.

Every fundraiser features a 5k or half-marathon… but how many keep the run to a civilized 0.2k? And require runners to eat brats and drink beer – while competing?! Only Rotary Oktoberfest!

This is a (not-so) grueling block long “competitive” dash features runners eating a brat while going one way, turning around and drinking a beer on the return trip!

Rotary Oktoberfest's 0.2k Beer & Brat DashAll runners receive:

  • A full cup of beer
  • A delicious brat
  • and not least, a 0.2k Beer & Brat Dash window sticker!

Think you’re up to the challenge? What about your friends?

Guarantee your spot in one three heats, at 3pm, 5pm, and 7pm on Saturday, October 12, 2019. Registration is $10 per runner.